Mullagrach is let both by the week (from Friday evening to Friday morning) and the half week (Monday evening to Friday morning or Friday evening to Monday morning). Subject to availability, we can be more flexible about changeover days, subject to a minimum stay of a half week, and also for stays of longer than a week. To make a booking or for all enquiries please e-mail or call or text Lorna on +44 (0)7525 654147.

Click this link to view the current bookings calendar and to see when Mullagrach is free:

Mullagrach bookings

We ask for a non-refundable deposit of 200 for each booking payable when we accept your booking. The rental is due 4 weeks before the first day of your stay.

We include in the rental clean sheets and towels, and someone who comes to open the house before you arrive and does a normal clean and check after you leave. We keep the house clean and tidy and ask our guests to do the same. As you would expect things do stop working from time to time, and as soon as we know about them we get them fixed. That can take some time as Polbain is remote. Please let us know if you spot that anything is not working, and understand that if we have only just found out about a problem, then it may still not be working during your stay.

Weekly rates are from 650 to 950, and half weekly rates from 380 to 625.

For 2018/19 the rates are as follows:

July, August, Christmas and New Year: 950 per week (no half weeks, although 10 days are possible):

April, May, June, September: 850 per week, 625 for 4 days and 550 for 3 days;

March, October: 700 per week, 500 for 4 days and 430 for 3 days;

all other times: 650 per week, 440 for 4 days and 380 for 3 days.